The Cole Family

When I was a youth minister years ago, my boss recommended I be in touch with one of the best youth ministers out there. So, I called Cameron out of the blue and immediately liked him. Who knew that 7 years later, my husband would be working with him in ministry, and I'd have the joy and blessing of photographing him and his beautiful family? 

Thanks to the help of his wonderful wife's family, we got to spend a long time together with happy kids for this photo shoot. (Including my youngest, who came along for the fun!) It was so delightful to be with them and to capture their joy, love, beauty, and affection for one another. We had great conversation while also creating some lovely images... We combined both a newborn session and family session. As a result, I'm going to share these images in different categories so that it's not too overwhelming. This first post is of images of the whole family together. You can practically feel the love!

They are a remarkable family who give so much to others; they love one another deeply as well, and I think that is evident in these images. God has revealed His Faithfulness in and through them many times, and I trust God will continue to bless them and shower them in His love; and, undoubtedly, to have His love for them overflow and bless all of those around them. Many thanks to Cameron and Lauren for all that they do, and for allowing me the honor of photographing them. What a blessing!