The Cole Family: Part 2

(Featuring the Cole's 2 year old daughter)

The Cole's darling daughter has become a big sister, and stepped into that role gracefully. She is so incredibly adorable on her own, but when you add her brother to the equation, it's almost too much to handle. She loves to say "Hey, bud!" and "Hi, big guy!" to her baby bro, and is quick to snuggle with him and shower him with love. I was elated to get to capture some of this big sister love in our images.

Even with another baby in their lives, her parents are so great at lavishing this sweet girl with love. I thought it was only fitting to give her a bit of her own spotlight with this post, so the images below are featuring her. What a tremendous, delightful child. 

I hope you'll enjoy this second installment of the Cole Family! (To see Part 1, click here.)