The Stokes Family at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Even at the high likelihood of it being a very chilly morning, we pulled off getting together for this family photo shoot with BOTH of our families (my husband watched our kids when they weren't playing with these kiddos during breaks), despite my youngest having a very painful crick in the neck and a certain little girl not having gone to bed until late. Sometimes, part of the magic of having family photos made is that the chaos doesn't stop. My joy is to be able to work with the chaos and find the beauty in it all. To find the extraordinary in the ordinary morning, those memories of our loved ones that we will always cherish - but sometimes, in the busy-ness of life, we almost miss or forget. It was so sweet to be able to focus on the love this family shares!

I think our location choice worked really well for this darling family. The botanical gardens are so beautiful, even in the winter, and we had plenty of space to play, run, explore, and enjoy. This sweet, loving family juggles so much and they do it all with grace and love - and such talent! It was a delight for me to treasure their family in images and to conclude our fun morning together as families by all having lunch together at a Mexican restaurant. Yum. We had some crazy good fun. Enjoy!