A man and his dog.

After yesterday's shoot, I had enough time to invest myself in something - but I didn't want to waste time driving home and then back to the same neighborhood to pick up my daughter from her preschool. So, I used my spare time with my cameras to run around town capturing beauty in Birmingham. Anything that caught my eye. One of the perks of being a Birmingham area photographer is that I get to take photographs in this incredible city filled with beautiful vintage signs, striking architecture, and incredible people. I jumped out of the car to capture a street view, then a horse and carriage... and turned to see a man walking his dog WHILE holding his mug of tea. He looked so incredibly relaxed and content that I wanted to capture that calm and comfort in an image.

Once we started talking, I learned that he lived just around the corner (hence the mug). I asked him what his dog's name was, and he told me that she doesn't have a name - yet. He just met her. She was wandering in his neighborhood and started following him home, so he'd been taking care of her for the past three days. She was so friendly and sweet. She gave me kisses, she was calm and seemed happy. The two of them were a great pair. He's not sure if he's going to keep her because he might be moving in two weeks (!!) and he isn't entirely sure that someone else isn't out there looking for her. (If you are, or you know someone who is, please let us know!) So, without further ado... 

I'd like to introduce you to Grant, and the dog who has no name. It was a pleasure to meet y'all.