Christmas Card Delivery!

Halloween has come and gone (and so have so many cute costumes!)... and as Thanksgiving approaches, it's prime time for Christmas and Holiday cards. I loved getting to deliver my first set of cards this year to a happy client, yesterday, even with the craziness of being in between homes for the moment. (Fortunately, we're housed, but yes, it's chaos and overwhelming.) 

These gorgeous cards pair so well with the elegantly simple kraft envelopes my client selected! I wish I could share them with you but that's her surprise, not mine ;) Truly, I adore getting to deliver beautiful, elegant portraiture to my clients. It is such a gift! It's like a teeny taste of Christmas morning for me, every time I get to see the artwork my clients and I have created together.

It's time for me to get to work on our own Christmas/Holiday card, as well as to work on more for more clients. I absolutely adore the experience of sending and receiving cards from so many loved ones. 

Blessings in this busy season!