The Gibbes Family Portraits at a Vestavia Hills Overlook

When we first arrived in Birmingham, the Gibbes family went out of their way to connect us to other families, bring over meals, and help us adjust to our new surroundings. They had us over for Thanksgiving last year, along with other dear friends (during which our kids performed a pretend wedding, with their youngest son and our oldest daughter being the bridge and groom!), and have been a great source of friendship and warmth in our time in Birmingham. We are so sad to see them go, but so grateful for the time we've shared here at the Advent, and for what they will partake in and do in their new home in Florida. 

For their family session, they wanted casual, low stress as they were in the throws of moving and leaving town during an already busy season for anyone! They chose a location that has beautiful views of the city of Homewood and Birmingham, as well as a playground, huge boulders, and lovely trees. I was thrilled with their location choice since I'd never actually been there myself. We were running behind on time and light, so we had a fast session. 

The kids were goofy and fun, with each one revealing different sides of their personalities. The oldest wanted to direct the shoot and was frequently suggesting shots but not wanting to be in them without her brothers; the middle child would fluctuate between sweet, big smiles and making faces at me; the youngest was happy to ham it up but so eager to play that it was a challenge at times to get him both happy and mildly stationary ;) It is always a joy to see how siblings relate with one another and to cherish their relationships as they are now, truly and beautifully. 

This beautiful, darling family will be dearly missed but surely, well loved in their new parish and home, as well. We send them off with great love and affection, and pray God's blessings on their new ministry, friends, home, and life together.

Enjoy these dear ones!