Featuring the City of Birmingham

My husband and I moved to Birmingham in August 2014, and already, within less than a year, we feel so deeply in love with this great city and it's people. It has such a vibrant and powerful history, and yet it's a fairly "new" city in the grand scheme of things. It's a small enough city where there's not a lot of traffic and people usually know someone you know, but it's big enough to have really amazing things happening. For example, my husband and I were able to attend a Shovels & Rope Concert as our Valentine's day date - which was incredibly fun and neat for us having moved here from South Carolina, which is where they're from, and yet their most famous song is named after this sweet city. 


 (If you haven't heard them yet, check out their Birmingham music video below.)

Birmingham is clearly dear to the hearts of Michael Trent and Caryann Hearst of Shovels & Rope, just as it has become so dear to us, as well.


One of my favorite elements of downtown Birmingham is the blend of authentic, vintage signage and worn down or forgotten elements right next to newly renovated, super stylish, or very cool places. There is this beautiful, eclectic mix of the past, current trends and the future - all in one. This city has an important and pivotal history to it and I believe it's got a very hopeful future, too - especially in the creative realms.


There are many surprises to be found, fascinating people to meet, and a great art scene! There is a lot of momentum right now - so much so that it almost feels like there is something happening under your feet - with new movements, creatives, companies, and people choosing to invest in Birmingham as a city and a community. I hope my images here, taken on a little date with my camera during some free time after a family portrait session, reflect some of that excitement and varied interests. I dare say this won't be the last time I feature images of the city of Birmingham, Alabama. 

If you live here, you're fortunate. If you don't, I hope you'll come visit! :) 

If you're interested in ordering prints of any of these images, please contact me for more information. Thank you!