Our Once-in-a-Year Snow Day in Homewood, Alabama

Believe it or not, we finally got snow on our rainy "snow" day. It arrived when our daughters (Eden, 4.5 and Zoë, 2.5) were just heading to bed - but our youngest had NEVER seen snow before, so we couldn't help but go on a walk in the snow instead of bedtime. Our daughters had so much fun, and so did we. Even when we lived in Connecticut, we loved the beauty of fresh, new snow - well, Matt and I did. Eden loved the cold weather but was sometimes scared of the snow (we moved before she was even 2, so I'm sure it's a bit more daunting when it's FEET of snow and you don't understand what it is) - and Eden hasn't seen snow in years. 

So I took some photographs despite the dark since it was after 8pm, and the next day, I went out to try to capture some of the beautiful remains before it all melted away. One of my favorite elements of the snow was how the mountains were like a winter wonderland as the city centers thawed faster and ceased to have snow. Of course, Eden woke up to find that much of it had melted outside of her window and so when she walked out of her room, she started crying, saying "WHY DOES IT HAVE TO MELT?" And refusing all of my answers.

Below, you'll see some personal family images as we explored with our daughters, and in my next post, I'll share some city shots of Birmingham, Vulcan, and Homewood. I hope you enjoy - especially now that it has all melted away! :)