Introducing Baby Emma!

I take it as such an honor when I am invited into someone's home for the first time. All the more so when it's by someone who has yet to meet me; and even MORE when they have a precious newborn to show me! I am so grateful that this darling family chose me to capture these priceless moments for them as they settle into their family life together. These loving parents named their daughter Emma, which means "whole" and I love that you can see that sense of wholeness they share together. 

Baby Emma is so adorable that even her cries are as cute as can be! I loved getting to know this family and to see their deep love for one another. Their dog, Mattie (short for Matilda), was similarly cute and very sweet - she let me offer a treat here or there, and was really cooperative throughout our shoot... Occasionally Mattie DID want to steal the show (she's no longer the baby, after all) - and sometimes she did; like when we were laying out the hand-embroidered blanket that Emma's mama's grandma made, and Maddy plopped right down on it and posed. ;) So cute!

We had a lot of fun together and it was so sweet to witness their pure joy over and love for Emma. There is nothing quite like the gift of life and the magnitude of emotions that comes from being a parent for the first time. It can all feel so grand and time-consuming, and then you turn around and years have passed. Treasuring these moments in time through imagery is my great love. You are so cherished, Emma! 

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
— Eda LeShan