Bright + Beautiful Marshall Family Session

I was so happy when I received a sweet request from a grandmother, asking if she could surprise her daughter and daughter's family with a family portrait session for Christmas. I love gifts that are experiential, thoughtful, and help create treasured memories - so of course, I think it was a brilliant gift idea and I was so grateful she asked me to be a part of this gift to them.

Come to find out, other than their wedding day, these two had never had professional photographs created for them - so it was an extra joy for me to capture these fleeting, joyful, exhausting and exciting moments with their precious baby girl. I know it can be nerve-wracking to be in front of the lens; so I consider part of my job to strive for a natural, enjoyable experience for all of us! 

As a photographer, one of my greatest goals is to pair making my clients feel comfortable, at ease, and themselves in front of the camera with fun opportunities for honest, delightful imagery. I loved how they chose to style themselves. They both wore a soft blue (without even planning to in advance! Clearly, they're in sync ;) and their daughter's dress is so bright, cheery and colorful. They also changed her into an heirloom dress, which I think makes those images extra special. Their soft and happy colors worked so well with our easy going atmosphere and fun playtime photoshoot together. 

Infectious joy comes through these images like sunshine, and I just can't stop smiling when I see these! I hope you enjoy the same result ;)