The Pearson Family at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Our first ever visit to the city of Birmingham was over July 4th weekend a year and a half ago. We had the joy of watching the fireworks explode over the city with the Pearson family, as well as with our children. It was an exciting and beautiful view, and a joy to share such a relationship so early on. We moved here just a month later, and have been so grateful for this amazing family, and the blessing of sharing in ministry and life with them. 

As you will see, this family has so much personality and their love is evident. Mama is radiant and her smile lights up the room, which is often the case when her husband is employing his great sense of humor ;) Their daughters so love one another and each have very unique personalities. From my experience, I would say that the oldest daughter is a confident leader, the middle daughter's favorite character from the movie "Inside Out" is that of Sadness and looks so much like her dad, and the youngest is revealing herself to be quite the silly smiler. They are all absolutely adorable and such a joy. 

Enjoy these delightful portraits created at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens! Many thanks to the Pearsons for all that they do and for collaborating with me to create these images. It was a joy to serve them and to celebrate the love they share.

They chose beautiful smooth matte prints as their preferred way to enjoy these images, as seen below, as well as through beautiful Christmas cards.