Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace Perform Live at The Advent in Downtown Birmingham

Matthew Smith is one of the original founders of Indelible Grace, a collective of musicians out of the RUF ("Reformed University Fellowship") community of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. They take old hymns - some which were hugely popular and common once, some which were lesser known, and give them new tunes to reinvigorate them for a modern generation. These old hymns have rich words and depth, touching on the full breadth of Christian experience: not just joy or praise, but also lament and struggle, desire, doubt, humility, and adoration.

Matthew led a discussion about worship that, when I strive to paraphrase it now, I find myself utterly lacking even a semblance of the eloquence and beauty of thought that was shared. So, just trust me? It was really good ;) A delicious dinner was offered afterwards, which allowed for some deeper connection and making new friends as well as catching up with the old before the concert began.

The concert was really wonderful, with over about 300 in attendance. During it, Matthew gave a few brief words about the songs, as well as sharing his passion for Compassion International, an incredible organization worth knowing about and supporting. Towards the very end, my husband and I even brought our kids in from the nursery and had them sing and dance with us to the music. They loved it as much as we did! (Though our 3 year old, Zoë, was wondering why one of the guys on stage wasn't singing, and why it was SO DARK! haha Concerts in a church are notably different than an ordinary morning service in a sanctuary.)

If you aren't familiar with Indelible Grace, I highly commend them to you!