The Ordination to the Priesthood and Reception of Rev. Stephen McCarthy at the Cathedral Church of the Advent

On Saturday morning, December 12th, 2015 Rev. Stephen McCarthy was ordained to the priesthood at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. 

A Massachusetts native, Stephen has been serving Birmingham through the Advent for a year and a half already, so there were many present who were overjoyed to celebrate his calling and confirm it. He is an intelligent, caring, pastoral, well-educated, theologically astute individual who is now recognized by the church as one of the church's leaders. We are so thankful for his friendship, as well as his service and commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ's love, forgiveness and redemption. We applaud you, appreciate you, and thank God for you, Stephen. 

I am honored that his mom asked me to capture this incredible service for them. There is such beauty to being able to be fully present and in the moment by knowing you don't need to try to capture it. It is my joy to be able to share these with them and with you all, and I am so glad that they were able to focus entirely on their son, the service and the people gathered. 

God bless you in your ministry, Stephen.

(Knowing well that many of those who love Stephen and have been blessed by knowing him are outside of Alabama or perhaps were simply unable to be present, I thought I would share more images in a hopefully easily digestible and enjoyable way with you all here, below.)