Fashions by Julie Maeseele: Birmingham Style

One of my best friends in this great city of Birmingham is a lovely woman named Julie Maeseele who also lives in Birmingham, by way of Belgium! She is a joy and delight to know, and she is very talented and skilled in sewing and fabric arts. She recently created a collection inspired by and made of recycled, rejected socks from Zkano - an organic cotton sock company based out of Fort Payne, Alabama. My husband and I own many pairs of Zkano socks and absolutely love them - both for their fun personality, comfort, high quality, and the story behind them. 

Julie's incredible vision took these imperfect socks and used them in new ways to create wearable art. Her creations are modern, inventive and edgy while also being playful, comfortable, and delightful. 

Not only did she do a great job crafting these outfits, but she also modeled them along with the lovely Giuliana (who happens to be originally from Italy and teaches Italian, so of course, I was ecstatic that we could speak a little Italian together even though I am shamefully out of practice)! It was a joy for me to work with Julie and Giuliana, striving to mix Julie's fashion and charisma with my own vision for fashionable posing and creative approaches.

Julie, you're going places! I can't wait to see the next collection.