Laura and her Mama

I'm drastically behind in posting on my website, in part, because I have been focusing on my family and savoring this precious life we are given as best I can... but also, because I've been disenchanted with the idea of self-promotion and the ease of social media to draw us in and give us an ever growing sense that our lives are somehow more lacking than the lives of others. My intention in my photography is to celebrate the beauty of each individual person, to capture the essence of their vivacity and uniqueness in a memorable, striking and true way. My intention is not to pretend that life is easy, always feels beautiful, or that it is without pain.

For this reason, one of my favorite sessions of the year was this session that I gifted to a friend of mine, Laura, whom I met through our local MOMS Club, to celebrate her mom. Her mom, Kate, faces terminal lung cancer and although we all have a fatal prognosis, hers is expected to arrive more expediently. That said, she is striving to live her life as best she can and to cherish the moments she has remaining. When I learned from Laura of her mother's poor health, I knew I wanted to give them the gift of portraiture and visual memories. Kate and her husband moved to be closer to their daughter, Laura, and grandson, and so they had a lot to juggle all at once: the grief of such news of poor health, the challenge of a new home and new life in a new place, and the daunting challenge of many doctors appointments, medications, and costs. 

We wanted to give Kate relief, in knowing that her grandson would remember her and have ways to recall her memory as he gets older, so we included all of them in this portrait session, and yet focused especially on the grandson and grandmother relationship. I hope you'll enjoy seeing their joy, laughter, and love in the images below. One thing to note is that the grandson reads a book entitled "I can do it, myself!", by himself at his own insistence - and it is a book which Kate read to Laura when she was about her son's age. It was a very sweet echo of the past in the present, and I hope that these images give their family great joy for years, decades and lifetimes to come. 

It was such a joy, such a powerful gift to ME to see Kate experience the love of her family in such a tangible, heartfelt way. It was very moving indeed as she tried to express to me what this meant to her, to know that her grandson would have these images even after she is gone. I feel so fortunate to have met Kate, and to have been a part of this moment with her family. Thank you to our friends at the MOMS Club, to Lina Ciambrone for the makeup, and to Kate for being our inspiration!