Getting Ready for a Creative Fashion Shoot with Makeup by Lina

It all began with an earlier photoshoot, where I worked with my dear friend and fashion designer, Julie Maeseele, to photograph her brilliant creations. We had so much fun that we wanted to collaborate together again in the future. Her identical twin sister (who happens to be an extremely talented, modern painter) was going to be visiting soon from London, and I thought a new twist we could give our next session would be involving her twin, Stéphanie Maeseele, by incorporating her painting into our project. We wanted to do something outside of the ordinary, something completely centered on the creative collaboration of artists. That idea led to involving more local artists, one of whom is Lina Ciambrone of Makeup by Lina. We encouraged her to use color, to be inspired by Julie's designs and to go beyond the usual. Be daring. Be bold.

Here is a glimpse into the transformation Lina gave our models. As she was working, she commented on how much fun she had using colors she ordinarily doesn't get to use, and having the freedom to do something new. I hope you'll enjoy seeing her work on our beautiful models, and thank you again, Lina, for working with us! Thanks also to our lovely, delightful models who were up for every bit of the adventure. 

More beauty to come... :)