Painted Fashions: A Creative Collaboration in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama

Fashion Designs by Julie Maeseele


Painting by Stéphanie Maeseele


Makeup by Lina Cimabrone of Makeup by Lina


Jewelry by Kerry Leasure of Here a Chick There a Chick (@hereachickthereachick)

Models (from left to right):

Ariana Soleil (@withlovesoleil)

Giuliana Russo-Skinner (@giulianarussoskinner)

Jenny Beasley (@jabracewell)

This collaboration came about as a result of the joy and excitement from my first collaboration with Julie, which you can see here, featuring some of her recent work. We had so much fun, but also realized that we weren't maximizing our potential. Her identical twin sister, Stéphanie, is a talented, passionate painter currently based in London. With her sister coming to visit soon, the idea came to me that it would be neat to see these very talented twins create something collaboratively… and I would love to photograph it. We decided to photograph Julie’s creations with additions by her twin sister, and capture a glimpse of Stéphanie in the process of creating, as well! We wanted to engage with other local creatives, which led us to invite Lina Cimabrone to be our featured makeup artist and Kerry Leasure to be our featured jewelry designer. 


This project is the result of many individuals coming together to create something new and vibrant, and our beautiful, delightful models, who were up for anything we asked, silly or difficult as it may be. I had a lot of fun trying to evoke a variety of impressions and emotions, which you'll see in the diversity of the images below. 

It was a joy to work with each of you!

Many thanks to the twins, J + S, who are so inspiring with their unique and beautiful gifts, as well as dear friends of mine. Julie and Stéphanie share a big fear of birds as well as a love for them, a paradox behind Stéphanie's paintings you see above. It is so exciting to see how your creativity came together, and to see our sweet models loving their outfits! Love you both.

It has been so fun to collaborate with each of you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Below: Lina Cimabrone, Kerry Leasure (not my image), and the Maeseele twins!