Jeremy Moore + Zac Hicks: A House Show in Downtown Birmingham

Earlier this week, the Advent Cathedral put on a House Show as part of their Arts + Culture series, featuring musicians Jeremy Moore and Zac Hicks in an intimate setting. Parishioners of the Advent opened their home with the help of their small group to host this moving event. 

It was a powerful evening, full of connecting with others, enjoying delicious fare, and receiving the gifts of Zac and Jeremy's musical talents. I share images with you below from the evening, but I wish I could have shared recordings because their music was absolutely beautiful and very compelling. I was brought to tears by how moving it all was. Thank you to both Jeremy and Zac for sharing your talents to God's glory and for all of us. 

It was a very cozy atmosphere, so I opted not to use any flash - so please keep in mind that it was dark and I was trying to be as quiet as a mouse ;) It's not about me, after all! 

Thanks again to Zac Hicks and Jeremy Moore