LIV Parkside Community: Demonstration from Zyp Bikeshare and Drinks at Good People

Yesterday evening, my husband Matt and I hosted an event for residents of LIV Parkside with Zyp Bikeshare and Good People, just a short walk from our building. Michael, from Z¥P, shared with us some of the basics of how the Zypshare works, such as the need to dock your bike every 45 minutes if you are on a long ride (which, if you want to take a bike on a long ride without having to do so, residents of LIV Parkside can also use one of our beautiful LIV bikes, for as long as desired during business hours), but also that you can opt for a pedal assist bike that makes a longer ride a little bit easier (and less sweaty). It was really helpful to learn more and fun to get to try bikes, as well as to mingle and get to know residents better. PLUS, one of many perks to being a LIV Parkside resident? Everyone gets $10 off your annual Zyp membership! 

After the demonstation, we headed over to Good People where we enjoyed the ability to make our own floats: pairing the beer of our choice (or locally brewed rootbeer) with one of the ice creams available (vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, and pineapple) We had a lot of fun trying new concoctions, as well as playing oversized jenga, cornhole, and just being together. 

Many thanks to our terrific neighbors: both residents, as well as the awesome Zyp Bikeshare + Good People staff! We are so grateful to have you in the city of Birmingham, and for all you do.