Our lives seem to speed up by the day, and the demands of the world can be great. We live in a society where just about everything changes so fast; where things are disposable, where things are made to last just until the newer version comes out or the novelty wears off. In an ever more visually-focused era, images are often made rapidly and shared on the screen for a brief period. This is what I would call a snapshot. There is joy and beauty in a snapshot, and there is worth in the treasuring of a fleeting moment through a quick image. 

However, I want my clients to have more than an electronic image. I strive to offer my clients images and portraiture that endure, that are thoughtfully and artistically crafted from the very beginning until the images are in use and on display, collaborating with my clients to produce portraiture that they will ideally not only love but enjoy, keep, and pass on. I personally curate and select the absolute highest quality archival offerings for my clients so that they can touch, feel, see and choose with confidence how they would be happiest preserving and experiencing their loved ones and their memories. 

I spend time getting to know my clients and I put my heart into each image, and it shows. In a world of abundance, and impermanence, I strive to provide my clients with exceptional heirloom portraiture that will not fade , become extinct, or be lost on a hard drive.  

Savor and cherish the ones you love and create something worth keeping for generations.

You are worth being remembered, and so are your loved ones. Let's celebrate what matters, together.