If you're anything like me, when you KNOW you're going to be photographed and there may be a camera pointed at you for a significant period of time, you get nervous and self-conscious. It's okay. We'll work to hopefully make you feel at ease and even enjoy your time in front of the lens. I have some tips to share with you just in case you'd like to funnel that nervous enjoy towards more tangible things than looking critically at yourself. They are tips I've come to after being in photo shoots myself, taking photographs for years, and reading up on the subject. I hope they'll help you to feel more confident and enjoy your session with me even more.


Be You.

We are photographing YOU, and there's nothing as beautiful as someone who is truly themselves. What does that mean? It means you may not want to buy a new outfit for the photo shoot (you won't know how it fits and might feel more self-conscious in it); I suggest wearing a favorite item you already wear and gravitate towards often. I personally tend towards black or bold, earth tones. You know what looks best on you, and you know what makes you feel awesome. Wear that. I don't want to make you conform to someone else's standards. Be You. You'll be beautiful. Let your style evoke your personality.

Choose Your Colors/Themes.

A bold, bright color can be a beautiful thing. I would recommend earth tones and bold colors if you have a darker complexion, and pastels or lighter colors if you've got fair skin/hair. (I don't recommend neon colors because they stand out so much.) I love white in small doses but in bright sunlight, all-white can easily get washed out. Dark colors can be slimming and personally, I just love black. When planning your outfit(s), also consider where you might like to hang photos from the shoot - if you've got a room that needs more decoration, you can consider the colors therein and coordinate or be inspired by that decor so that the images will really be perfect for that space. I suggest not matching everyone exactly, but looking at the outfits all together to see if you like how they blend. Considering a color palette or going for an autumnal, spring, or summery coloring can be helpful. In contrast to a similar color palette, you can also choose to be colorful, and have each person have their own boldly colored outfit. Just be sure you like it all together and that it evokes the emotions/feelings you want for our time together!

Feel Stylish.

I want you to feel fantastic, so I recommend wearing clothes you love. Consider if you want to look timeless and elegant, or if you'd rather look very current and trendy, for example. Think about the emotion or impression you want to convey through your clothes (professionalism, fun, creativity, elegance...) Thinking this way may help guide you to the "perfect" outfit for you. What is the outfit that you put on that just makes you smile? If one comes to mind, wear that. I want you to wear something that makes you want to smile, dance, laugh, walk into a room with confidence, or feel as comfortable as can be. Whatever outfit you feel brings out your best and is most suited to your desires from our session, wear that!

Comfort First!

If you're comfortable in your clothes, you're more likely to feel comfortable in other ways as well. If you're insecure about how low your top is or your pants keep falling down, you'll be distracted and self-conscious. I will do what I can to make you feel comfortable in the space and with me and my camera, but this is something you can do in advance to help ensure a fun, beautiful experience with images you like of yourself/family.

Location + Season + Weather

If it's cold, wear layers. If it's warm, account for that. When in doubt, bring extra items to help you in changes of weather or wind. When we select the location of our photo shoot, I want it to be a place where you and yours can enjoy and relax. If we have little kids, let's go somewhere they can play. If we have older or physically limited subjects, let's make it easy for them to get to the shoot and not climb mountains! ;) 

Accept yourself, and know that even if you do NONE of this, I will do my best to capture you - as you are - in the most beautiful of ways.


He has made everything beautiful in its time.
— Ecclesiastes 3:11