To me, there is no greater compliment than to be referred to new clients by those I've had the joy of photographing already. In fact, my preferred way to receive new clients is through positive word of mouth and friends seeing others images and enjoying them. So, I hope you will enjoy getting a glimpse of what clients have told me about their experiences of creating portraiture and memories together:

Your work is excellent and your understanding of what to capture is superb.
— Phoebe
I have gotten so many compliments on the wall portraits that you did for us. We have really enjoyed having them and the album... even my husband, who hates having his picture taken, liked them.
— Julie
Oh my! These are fabulous! You did a wonderful job of capturing everyone’s personalities and beautiful features. I can’t wait to share your name with all of our friends!
— Anne-Marie
Hawley took my son’s 1 year pictures. He is extremely active and due to her amazing ability to keep up with him and produce some precious shots, I did not hesitate to ask her to shoot for me and my sister’s family.

Being a mom herself, Hawley has a natural ability to put kids at ease making them comfortable with her to photograph. We had a great time and our pictures were fantastic. They were unposed and natural, fully capturing life and the personalities of our little ones. Memories frozen in time thanks to a great photographer.
— Elaine
I LOVE the photos. You have such a good eye and I am amazed what you captured in the chaos. The picture of our son with the lake behind him is so artful. And the pictures of my wife and I will be sure to make us cry at our 25th anniversary. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— James
Hawley was absolutely wonderful to work with. She loves photography and people and it shows in her work. I love that she was professional to work with, but also so accommodating and flexible. I was amazed about how quickly she edited our photographs. Her pricing is clear and fair. There are no hidden or extra fees like other photographers I have worked with. Most importantly, her images were breath taking. Hawley captured our family and each persons personalities so well. The pictures will be treasured forever!!
— Lauren
Oh wow - Hawley does wonderful work! She captured the family’s personality & love for each other so well! What wonderful pictures of the whole family!!! Each picture is amazing!!
— Patty
Thank you so much for coming. LOVED all of the pictures. My husband and I have been talking about them since you left! Thank you.
— Campbell
I have never felt comfortable in front of a camera. What’s worse is I can’t make my children feel comfortable either (not to mention my atrocious camera skills...). I loved the way Hawley captured ‘us’. Even with facebook, instagram and endless social media outlets, it’s terribly difficult to try and show the world all the wonderful things you see in your children and your husband. But Hawley was able to make us feel like it was just a normal day playing at the gardens. No pressure, just time to be us and enjoy one another. Thank you Hawley for showing the rest of the world the beauty that I see in my family every day.
— Lori
Home run!!! You even captured his grumpy face beautifully! We had such a great time at the shoot.
— Becky
Hawley, I have no words. But my heart is full and my eyes a little teary. I will find my words and I will share them. But for now please accept my heartfelt thanks for sharing your gifts with my family. You have no idea how happy you have made my wife and kids. And seeing them happy is such a joy for me. So forgive me for being beyond words ... for now. Love the photos. I’m really kind of speechless ...
— Randy
Hawley, I just can’t get over how amazing the pictures turned out. I feel so blessed to have them and that they capture our kids and family at this season of life. They are so special. We can not thank you enough. We will continue to sing your praises to our friends and family! Your work speaks for itself!
— Lauren
We have been so blessed by the newborn photos captured by Hawley! The session itself was easy and fun. Hawley’s pictures have a special warmth and life that comes from her love of people.
— Ginger
Impressive work! Thanks again. You are great at what you do on many levels.
— Cameron